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The Meat Box. 

What's inside my box?

  Packages include a variety of cuts from our grass-fed product line.

What is the Featured Partner option?

We LOVE partnering with other farmers, bakers & picklers! Each month, we will feature a different local partner who's making good stuff

we love to pass on to you!

How often do I get a new Meat Box?

Your subscription can be customized to fulfill your family's needs! We offer once a month or

quarterly delivery programs. 

Is there a delivery fee?

Delivery is FREE with your order or available to pick up at our Market times.

If you live outside of the Duluth Area, a small fee  will be associated with delivery. 

How to order.

Meat Box Package:

15lbs box $180

The Meat Box is a great gift for

family and friends too!! 


The Soup Lovers Box $25

This collection is PERFECT for the bone broth or soup connoisseur! 

In this box, you'll get plenty of soup bone goodness to treat yourself to tasty creations and healthy winter months. 

Boxes include: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, & Pork. 


Just need the basics?? This box is perfect for you.

5 pound of ground beef to help you crush any meal planning budget.

 *Love variety? Try adding ground Pork or Turkey to your box. 

      Prices may vary for changes made to box.

Pound of Ground Box $35


Easy, breezy, Who doesn't love all the things a crockpot meal offers in the cold of winter?! This box contains beef, chicken and pork options that will fill your crockpot and belly with joy. 

Crockpot heroes Box $50

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