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Through our products you'll find:

  • Pasture raised goodness with no harmful chemicals or bi-products.

  • Freedom from all of those nasty GMO's.

  • Organically minded practices practiced to moderate perfection-ish.

  • Lean meat that fulfills any dietary guidelines.

  • Good old fashioned Mid-West goodness.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are your animals happy?

     It's hard to ask them each day BUT once a week they stop prancing about the pastures for a quick tea time chat.  From what we can tell by these encounters, they seem quite happy. 

If chickens get pasture, why would they STILL require a grain feed?!

    While the meat chickens do enjoy a healthy amount of pasture goodness, they are a hybrid bird designed to grow in 7 weeks. With this quick growth rate, they need a HUGE amount of protein so they grow up healthy and in a state of non-stress. If they don't have enough food, they will get stressed out, panic, and possibly die from malnutrition. For us to care best for them, it is our job to provide a constant source for our feathered friends.


For our eggs laying ladies, a similar truth is true. To keep them living their best life in a healthy fashion, they need high protein amounts to make you those beautiful eggs each day.


What kind of grain do you use?

   We use a locally sourced mix from MN farmers made at our home town feed store-Widdes.

Widdes has been in the AG supply business for a long time with good local folks who are farmers themselves.

WHY do I have to wait for stuff sometimes?!?!

 Good things come to those who wait...right?! The reason we don't have a crazy huge stock  in a certain kind of product is because we're growing up each animal with love and care on a family farm. We are so grateful for your patience as we continue to grow to meet the needs of our community!

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